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Moxie: A Soft-Drink Solution

"There's nothin' Mutha and I hate more than runnin' out of soft drink when we have friends over for what passes as a party in West Gardiner. Well we have found a sure cure for that little dilema!

"Let's say you've got six friends coming over to your place for the evening and you want to be sure each one of them gets at least one soft drink... just get a six-pack of Moxie! Due to the rather unique unadulterated flavor they might force one down but they'll never ask for another!

"There you go - problem solved - and well within the average budget I might add!

"No thanks necessary, just enjoy your Moxie and let everthing else take care of itself!"

Need Entertainment for Your Event?

Gary goes great with Moxie and lobster, but he can connect with your audience regardless of the food served. Contact Gary's wife and Manager, Ellen, by email: or by phone: (207) 462-3774 to book an event.

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