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Maine's Own Computa-bonics

Gary Crocker says he can't take credit for inventing "Maine comput-a-bonics." Someone e-mailed him with the following terms and wrote, "Gary, you ought to use these in your storytelling." So he did.

Gary's Computa

DOWNLOAD: Take the firewood off my pickup truck.

MEGA HERTZ: If you lift too much wood at once.

HARD DRIVE: My dirt road in March during mud season.

BYTE: What you're going to get if you don't have screens on your windows.

MODEM: What I did to my lawn this summer.

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Gary is not only fluent in Downeastern, but also Maine Computa-bonics! Contact Gary's wife and Manager, Ellen, by email: or by phone: (207) 462-3774 to book an event.

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