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Getting Ice Off the Trailer Roof

Every spring, the ice build-up on our trailer roof becomes structurally dangerous. So last year, Muthuh demanded I do something about it before the roof caved in. I climbed up on the roof with my fishing chisel and went to work. I got rid of the ice - but the roof looked like a giant colander and it leaked like a sieve. So I climbed back up to the roof and patched every single hole with the Maine State Tool - duct tape.

Well, this year the ice build up was wicked bad and Muthuh wanted it fixed. Remembering what had happened last year I decided to take a more creative approach- I decided to melt if off. I turned the furnace up to 95 degrees, lit every candle we had in the trailer and even hung Muthuh's hair dryer from the kitchen chandelier pointing straight up and turned on high. Well, it wasn't long before the ice started melting pretty good. In fact, it got so hot in the trailer it burst into flame from spontaneous combustion. That's when we got lucky. All those duct tape patches from last year melted all at once and the water poured into the trailer like a well designed sprinkler system and put the fire out instantly.

Duct tape to the rescue - even when you least expect it! Muthuh is some happy now although it's gonna take a few weeks to dry out the carpets.

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